a little bit about me...

At Sears Holdings, I am the current Associate Creative Director for the Kmart in-store experience. I create and direct everything from strategic initiatives to small product signs. If it is a sign in Kmart my team works on it! I lead a team comprised of an art director, senior graphic designer, and two graphic designers. Collaboration is key when designing in-store experiences, therefore, I work closely with the project managers, strategic visual merchandising, 3D rendering artists, internal agencies, Kmart brand format, user experience and research, procurement and vendors.


My career at Sears Holdings started as a freelance designer on the Strategic Initiatives team and I was asked to stay full-time. I quickly excelled and became an art director, which began my mentorship of the junior designers. As our Creative Director left, I was asked to step into that role on an interim basis where I led a team of two graphic designers. During that time, I oversaw the entire Kmart Des Plaines test store, which was a major company initiative directed by our President and CMO of Kmart. I designed and presented store design concepts for senior leadership and collaborated with numerous teams to help bring the store to life.


Before Sears Holdings, I began my retail design career at OfficeMax Corporate Headquarters. I started as a designer on the Visual Merchandising team responsible for price signs and small marketing signs. I then moved onto the Brand Strategy team as a mid-level designer developing and maintaining the OfficeMax brand standards for the retail business. I would design national seasonal and services campaigns and style guides, develop in-store signing, direct mail, digital layouts and work closely with our photo studio to curate a library of brand images. I then moved onto the Brand Strategy business to business team as a Senior Graphic Designer where I was responsible for the design and development of the OfficeMax Workplace brand standards, style guides and catalogs. I also worked closely with internal and external photo studios to curate a library of workplace brand images that was used for all channels.


Designing is not all there is to me... I love all aspects of creativity! I recently have started to learn more about baking and cake decorating. I like to create custom sweets for events. Recently, I have started my own business for custom sweets and event designs known as
The Sweet Press.


Another hobby of mine is ice skating. I have skated since I have been 4 years old. Skating brought so many amazing opportunities to my life. I focused on Synchronized Skating. Not many people have heard of this sport. It is a challenging team sport that has taught me many important principles such as teamwork and trust. I skated on a team known as Chicago Jazz. There are many levels in that organization based on the skill and age of the skaters. The highest level team is the Junior team. When I skated on the Junior team, I had the opportunity to represent the United States in several international competitions including the Junior World Challenge Cup. Skating has taken me to Canada, Finland, France, Croatia and Sweden.

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